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Stay informed on e-fairness legislative issues and your state’s legislative agenda through our collaboration with other bookseller associations. We provide resources and templates to engage with elected officials, and advocate for fair business practices with publishers

Publisher Advocate
Don’t miss out on key titles receiving publisher support—join our Publisher Advocate program. Volunteer sales reps provide marked-up Edelweiss catalogs to accounts without a dedicated rep, ensuring everyone stays informed and empowered.

Publisher Promotion
Stay in the loop with publisher specials compiled in a convenient spreadsheet emailed to book buyers every Monday morning. Sign up to receive these promotions directly in your inbox.

Professional Booksellers School / Certification Program
Embark on a journey of professional growth with our certification program for booksellers, offering comprehensive education across all aspects of bookselling. ABO members who complete a certification course receive scholarship funding, and registration fees are discounted for members.

ABO News & Online Communications
Access weekly postings and online discussions on the ABO website. Not receiving our weekly bestseller list and industry updates? Drop us an email to join our distribution list—rest assured, we never share or sell your information.

Opening a Bookstore
Discover training programs for new independent bookstore owners through the Bookstore Training and Support Programs, in collaboration with the other bookseller associations.

Local Alliances
ABO have partnered with other bookseller associations, empowering members to join local alliances and buy-local initiatives across the nation. Enjoy reduced membership fees for your local alliances, and benefit from ABO’s advocacy efforts to preserve the uniqueness of our communities.


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